Coordination and Advisory Board

The Coordination Board comprises the work package leaders and the project coordinator. The main role of this body is to ensure scientific quality by monitoring and evaluating research activities and results in relation to the planned objectives. The coordination board comprises representatives of the work package leaders (UNIGE, CIRED, IIASA, CMCC and PBL) and of the project coordinator (PIK).

The Advisory Board consists of four international experts/practitioners. They combine strong topical expertise on decarbonisation strategies, IAM scenarios, sustainable development pathways and climate policy. The Advisory Board monitors the implementation and scientific quality of the project work. It also advises the project regarding scientific direction, performance and policy relevance of the project results. The following persons are members of the Advisory Board:

  • John Weyant: Director of the Energy Modelling Forum (EMF) at Stanford University and Chairman of the Scientific Steering Committee of the international Integrated Assessment Modelling Consortium (IAMC)
  • Julie Rozenberg: Economist with the World Bank Sustainable Development Group
  • Laura Cozzi: Chief Energy Modeller of the International Energy Agency
  • EU Commission Directorate-General for Climate Action: Depending on availability: Vicky Pollard and Katre Kets (CLIMA)