/Use Integrated Assessment Modeling results

NAVIGATE established a scenario data explorer at

The NAVIGATE project used the IIASA database infrastructure to exchange input data and scenario results between the participating modelling teams in all work packages during the scenario work in this project. The “Scenario Explorer” is a user-friendly web interface for data management (upload by teams and validation), post-processing of scenarios results (e.g., temperature outcome assessment based on emissions trajectories provided by the models) and dissemination of data to stakeholders and the wider research community.

The Scenario Explorer is part of a larger ecosystem including a public Rest-API to retrieve data from the IIASA database server and several open-source Python/R scientific software packages to work with scenario data in a variety of formats. This ecosystem is used in a number of Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe projects and, for example, the scenario ensemble compilations supporting the work of IPCC AR6 Working Group 3.

The public NAVIGATE Scenario Explorer at was launched in November 2023 and it includes already published scenarios developed in the NAVIGATE project. Additional scenario results will be added to the NAVIGATE Scenario Explorer as they are published.