EU research contribution to IPCC working group III on mitigation

The European Union is among the top funders of the evidence base underpinning the IPCC reports, contributing to improving the effectiveness of both national and international climate policies and processes, and building public support for more ambitious climate action. Coinciding with the approval of the IPCC Working Group III report on Mitigation of Climate Change, this brochure puts a spotlight on and celebrates the contribution of EU-funded projects to pushing the boundaries of the underlying science. It provides examples of projects funded by Horizon 2020 — the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation — which provide the evidence-base for guiding the transition to climate neutrality in Europe and across the globe.

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European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Science for climate action : EU research contribution to IPCC working group III on mitigation, Drabicka, K.(editor), Acosta Gonçalves, A.(editor), 2022,