The 1st NAVIGATE-CIRED International Summer School on  “Equity and justice in transitions to net zero emissions societies – contributions from Integrated Assessment Modelling studies” was held on 4 – 8 July 2022 in Paris, France (in beautiful Jardin Tropical, CIRED campus).

The aim of the Summer School was to foster scientific exchanges between participants and faculty members about the issue of how to achieve a just and equitable transition to net zero emissions, and the modelling methods relevant to address the different dimensions to this broad issue.

  • What are the short and medium term distributional impacts of climate change mitigation policies?
  • How will different economic sectors be affected by climate policies?
  • How to achieve such a transition in line with sustainable development goals?
  • How may the transition ensure decent lives and decent jobs?

Those are some of the questions that were raised during the Summer School, which gathered 14 students (PhD and master and post-doctoral students in environmental and energy economics and modelling).
The lectures given by the School’s faculty members provided the background scientific material. Participants were asked to present a version of their research work and received feedback from fellow students and from the School’s faculty members. Additional activities included group project exercises, reading sessions, conferences and social events. The faculty was composed of researchers involved in the NAVIGATE project, and international leaders in environmental economics and integrated assessment modelling.

Faculty members:
Johannes Emmerling (RFF-CMCC)
Julie Rozenberg (The World Bank)
Lucas Chancel (Paris School of Economics, World Inequality Lab, Sciences Po)
Céline Guivarch (CIRED, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)
Aurélie Méjean (CIRED, CNRS)

Lecture by Céline Guivarch and Aurélie Méjean on Just transitions and climate change.

Lecture by Johannes Emmerling on Just Transition, Mitigation and Climate Impacts and socioeconomic implications.

More information is available on the Summer School website.