Webinar – Impacts of COVID-19 and recovery packages on climate action

17th December 2020

The rapid and ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to societal lockdowns and unprecedented policy measures in most countries around the world. These COVID-19 response measures have resulted in a multifaceted shock on the world economy pushing many countries into a deep recession and affecting both supply and demand.
The key question is whether and how the COVID-19 shock will affect emissions and climate change mitigation efforts in the longer term. Researchers in the NAVIGATE project are currently investigating the implications of COVID-19 and recovery packages on climate change mitigation action, mainly focusing on three categories of impacts that have the potential to substantially influence climate policy developments: Macro-economic impacts, impacts on demand and lifestyles and impacts on inequality. In this webinar, the researchers will present concepts and first results of their analyses.

Round table

Johannes Emmerling, RFF-CMCC, find the presentation here.
Panagiotis Fragkos, E3M, find the presentation here.
Jean Francois Mercure, University of Exeter
Bas van Ruijven, IIASA
Charlie Wilson, University of East Anglia, find the presentation here.
Marina Andrijevic, Climate Analytics, find her presentation here.

Moderator: Jessica Strefler, PIK

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