Work package 1

Stock taking, stakeholder dialogue and capacity building for developing and using IAMs

Existing IAM scenarios are critically assessed against new scientific literature, real-world uncertainties, and scenario research in other climate policy fields to identify robust outputs as well as knowledge and methodological gaps. NAVIGATE aims to take stock of the existing body of IAM analysis as a basis for developing new tools for evaluating the robustness of IAM results by applying methods of advanced data analytics and scenario choice in model comparison and model sensitivity studies.

The project also aims to create and sustain a continuous exchange with key stakeholders including climate policy makers, businesses, civil society organizations, and scientific experts in related fields. This provides opportunities for collecting feedback on the project’s research activities, for shaping the policy analysis and synthesis, and for co-producing stakeholder-relevant IAM outputs.

NAVIGATE also establishes a knowledge exchange (e.g. webinar series) and capacity building programme (e.g. summer schools) to promote understanding and uptake of IAM results and lower barriers to entry to integrated assessment modelling particularly in major emerging economies and less developed countries.