Work package 5

Impacts, co-benefits and links with other SDGs

NAVIGATE places ongoing research on biophysical climate impacts and adaptation options in the context of residual and avoided climate impacts for different levels of mitigation stringency. To this end, biophysical climate impact and adaptation projections are combined with macro-economic and welfare metrics to assess socioeconomic damages. The methodological work in WP4 on representing spatial and social heterogeneity will be leveraged to analyse the distributional consequences of climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation action. This is an important advance for IAMs beyond the current state of the art, and critical for improving the multidimensional assessment of costs and benefits of climate action taking into account economic, equity and other welfare indicators. NAVIGATE also examines the relationships between the impacts of climate change and climate policy with other sustainable development goals (SDGs), thus identifying key synergies and trade-offs. A particular focus will be the water-energy-land-climate nexus and the interaction with human development SDGs related to the eradication of poverty and the reduction of inequality.