Work package 6

Synthesis, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

This work package synthesises and communicates the development and application of a new generation of advanced IAMs with a set of targeted activities, including new and improved IAM documentation, and publication of newly developed methodologies. Several consortium members are pursuing the development of user-oriented scenario portals and new visualization tools to communicate scenario results in related projects and NAVIGATE will be able to fully leverage this work to further improve scenario communication. Moreover, the project synthesises new insights on near-term climate policy choices from the new generation of advanced IAMs. This is based on multi-model studies investigating (i) entry points to deep mitigation pathways under structural, technological and behavioural change, and (ii) socio-economic and sustainable development implications of demand vs. supply-side mitigation strategies. All these activities take into account stakeholder input gathered in WP1 to enable the co-production of knowledge and scenarios about climate action with the aim of increasing transparency and uptake of project results.